Belonging and Community Receptivity

The Belonging Working Group was formed in 2015 to create activities to help newcomers develop a
sense of belonging as they establish roots in the community. A sense of belonging is a source of health 
and well-being.

Projects and Activities

Of many activities, probably the most eye-opening to many members was the huge response to the
‘Trash your Prejudice’ project.

Trash your Prejudice

The Trash your Prejudice project asked newcomers and long-term residents to write down any prejudice or stereotyping that they had heard or felt on an index card.

Then they were asked to reflect on any bias that they may have themselves, write that on the other side of the card, then – Trash your Prejudice – throw the card in the bin. It overflowed with more than 100 responses.

With the responses we created a display: Look what we trashed in New West!
This small project has a large message: New West will not tolerate prejudice of any kind.

A few other projects from this working group:

Every year WINS partners with the City of New Westminster to hold a Newcomer Resource Day with activities, music and dance, and resources for newcomers from agencies and organizations across the city.

Through a Myths and Misconception campaign, the members created a protocol response to hate crimes, and have held a number of workshops and trainings about responding to prejudice, racism and hate.

Membership to all working groups is open. Individuals may be invited to sit on working groups without sitting at the larger Table.