Welcoming and Inclusive New West (WINS) Local Immigration Partnership Council

Community members and local organizations working together to create a diverse, inclusive and caring community where all feel welcome and valued.

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) bring together various sectors within the community to address the needs of immigrants and refugees.

In New Westminster, the Local Immigration Partnership Council is called Welcoming and Inclusive New West (WINS) Local Immigration Partnership. 

WINS is a collaboration of community members, local agencies and organizations working together since 2007 to address issues faced by newcomers. Partners come from the municipal government, sectors such as education, health, settlement, employment, and social services, as well as interested community members.

Membership is based on the principle of inclusivity and open to any individual, group or organization with an interest in immigrant issues in New Westminster.

The aim is to strengthen the community’s capacity to create a receptive, welcoming and inclusive community, and to meet newcomer’s needs through agency collaboration and service integration.

Working groups have been created to address specific issues such as unemployment,  to develop community receptivity and address racism, and to help create a sense of belonging as newcomers settle into life in New Westminster. Those who are interested may join and support working groups without attending the larger table.


Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to support community-based partnerships and newcomer integration and belonging.

Want to get involved? 

For more information contact Janet Goosney, LIP Coordinator janet.goosney@purposesociety.org or 778-727-0786 ext. 206

For media enquires contact John Stark, City of New Westminster jstark@newwestcity.ca or 604-515-3777.